My mini-fieldwork experience…

I was placed to work in a group of three people. It started off as an interesting dynamic, because the project was intended to work in groups of two, but we held it down and worked very well together. I worked with Lauren and Elizabeth. Elizabeth and myself took turns in the role of the researcher, while lauren was participant both times. I found it very interesting to be both the researcher and the participant because the roles were totally different.

As a participant, I was asked very good questions that lead to detailed answers.. “what would i change about QC’s dining services?” I was also asked “what are some things that QC could offer for a healthier selection?”.. Interestingly enough, I had thought about this scenario before.. so the answers came so easily to me. I took the researcher to the Dining Hall and we took a look at the vending machines, drinking fountains and the on the go options. We saw that every vending machine and soda fountain was all Coca Cola owned, that there are not enough water fountains and the vegetables, fruits and healthy options were all disproprotionately much more expensive.. Elizabeth and Lauren said that they really didnt put much thought into it, mainly because they don’t really dine here at QC. After more conversation, the researcher was very shocked to hear the stories i shared about Coca Cola being exploitative and completely inhumane towards people in the bottling plants in Colombia, South America ( ). It was definately fun to interact and share some of the things we did during the project.

As the researcher, i found it a little more difficult than imagined.. coming up with questions was harder than being asked questions. The participants definately aided in showing me what they felt were highly needed improvements for the college campus. I hadn’t really placed much thought into this aspect of college life so I needed more time to come up with good questions. I felt that the amount of time we had left over was not enough. I learned with this project that i need more than 10 minutes to come up with good questions for fieldwork experiences like this one.

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  1. but it was definately a good experience.

  2. That was very interesting information I wasn’t aware about the exploitation of the coca-cola workers in South America.

  3. Great entry, Devin. I like the self-reflection and your critical view of the experience over all. That’s definitely invited in this class! Hope it will help with designing and conducting your own research.

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