Final Project

For my project I’m working with Amaru, and we’re going to be looking at tattoos. Our focus will be the significance they have to different people and different cultures and how having them has had an impact on people getting jobs, making friends, etc. We’d like to look into the history of tattoos like their origins and adaptation (and maybe ultimate acceptance) in our own culture.

Our method will probably involve us researching the history of tattoos and then interviewing tattoo artists and/or aficionados. We could also discuss pictures we take of people’s tattoos and ask about their significance and make even throw in some uncommon knowledge about them that most people don’t know. Cultural Appropriation is also something we may look into.

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  1. Hey devyndarko, your methodology seems pretty sound and solid. Another aspect of tattoos that you may want to look into is not only the significance of the tattoo, but why people get tattoos to begin with. Hope this helps!

  2. Hey Devyndarko I think the idea is great, some thing that you could look at while researching is societies views on tattoos. In the past tattoos used to be seen by the public as an act of rebellion. This used to be frowned upon but in society today we see that most people are getting tattoos and they aren’t afraid of showing them and they are not being judged as they use to be before.

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