Final Project Ethical Guidelines

For the project that Amaru and I are working on, we will be interviewing and taking photographs of people who have tattoos. We will be asking for the consent of the people involved and they will be properly informed of our project and the purpose. We will come up with a consent form and make sure that those involved are comfortable.

As for looking into historical tattooing, we will be looking into flicker photos, anthopological photography and archives of photos taken of other cultures who have tattooing as a traditional experience. All the photography we will be looking to use will be properly cited and credited.

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  1. Hey Devin, your ethical standards are clear and concise. The only aspect that I am curious about is to whether or not the people you are photographing are comfortable with you publishing their tattoo on your blog or in your research report. Maybe along with the consent form, you specifically state that you may post their picture for research purposes. Perhaps you already intend to do so and I just misunderstood, but if you haven’t thought about that tedious aspect, it may be something to include. Hope this helps!

  2. Christine! Thanks so much for that suggestion. I did intend on doing so, but i always leave something out when writing… and if i forget to include that now, it may slip my mind later on.


  3. Good! I agree with Christine, but as explainedin class: for this study, it is ok to get verbal consent. I will trust you guys with that! 😉
    See also my comments on Amaru’s post.

  4. You are missing the blog entry “Visual Exploration”. Please post asap.

  5. Hey Devyn, I also agree with christine, the ethical guidlines are good and I am also looking foward to what types of people with tattoos you guys will be interviewing and the types of tattoos aswell.

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