Group Activity: Deep Dish TV

What is the goal of Deep Dish TV? Well, the goal and objective of this group is to provide raw real information and footage(Video) of what would not be shown on regular TV. It provides means of communication to the public about current topics. As stated on their website, “With humor, passion, creative flair and very low budgets, Deep Dish TV artists and producers have developed provocative video series exploring issues that profoundly impact our lives.” The network gathers videos made by everyday people who produce the materials with the intent to educate about unconventional and taboo topics.

Who are the members of this group? Deep Dish TV is open to all producers or people who want to get involved. They encourage people to produce educational footage and air it on public access television as avenue to express topic that are rarely spoken about. Deep dish airs individual’s materials.

How is the group organized to make decisions? By looking at how the variety of material spans on The Deep Dish Tv website, it seems that there are many people making choices on what is aired.

What type of activism does this group do? Visual Activism exposing unconventional topics using visual media.

Would you join? We are torn as to whether we would join this group. While the topics seem interesting and unique, some topics may seem bias and inappropriate. But Devin believes inappropriate is good.

Devin personally liked this video.

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