Interview Questionnaire for Final Project

This is the interview Questionnaire that will be used during the fieldwork. It is subject to change if we feel that we are not covering all aspects of our research goals.

Interview Questionnaire on Tattoos

1. How many tattoos do you have?

2. When did you first want a tattoo and how long did you wait to get it done?

3. What made you get a tattoo and what does your tattoo mean to you?

4. Do you know of any communities that view and embrace tattooing as important aspects of their culture? If so which ones? What do you know about them?

We will show interviewees pictures of traditional Samoan, Maori, Arctic/Alaskan, African Tattoos.

Some of the photos we may us can be found on these links:

5. How do you feel about women having tattoos? Can a woman have too many tattoos? Can a man have too many tattoos? How many tattoos are too much?

We will show pictures of everyday people’s (men and women) tattoos ranging from a small quantity to large quantities. To get a feel for each persons opinion.

6. Can tattoos be used as a sign of rebellion and nonconformity by people? Please explain.

7. Do you feel that tattoos affect people in a professional role as much now as 5 years ago? 10 years ago? 20 years ago?

8. What are your families/partners attitudes towards your tattoos? Friends? Coworkers and other professionals?

9. Do you or anyone you know regret any tattoos?

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