Some Final Project Research and Photos.

Buddy talking about the tattoo above his elbow. It says “brothers” in Hebrew.

So far my group’s research on Tattoos and Cultural Appropriation with Amaru has been pretty awesome.  We’ve been looking into finding both American Tattoo Culture and Aboriginal Tattoo Customs and we have been finding some really good things.  We have found some good pictures of traditional tattoos for specific non-western cultures that will be strong to show our observants where they may have originated.

Buddy has a total of seven tattoos, all are on his arm, but one which is on his chest.

One person that I have interviewed has been very helpful to our project.  Buddy Clay has a strong stance in tattoos having to be a very meaningful thing.  He finds himself feeling that tattoos are a serious form of expression that should be considered through long thought before following through with before “getting inked”.   His tattoos are of religious nature and have deep meaning to him.  He owns a total of seven “pieces”.  All but one happen to be of Christian influence but one, which is above his elbow.  The tattoo reads “brothers” in Hebrew; a group tattoo that he and his cousins collectively deciding in getting to show their never ending love as close relatives that bonds them together.  The tattoo on his chest reads “Soldier” as symbolism for him being a soldier of God.  He feels he has a strong bond with God and feels that his way of showing his faith and admiration to God is by exposing it on his skin.  He finds that this way he does not have to push his religious believes on others, but instead have it on his skin to create conversation with others about them. 

While conducting the interview, I showed Buddy photos of  some traditional tattoos of other cultures.  The reaction was instantanously a shock.  He found himself feeling unconfortable at what he saw.  The reason being that he found what he saw to be unconventional and not what he understands to be normal.  But after providing him with information about the meaning and reasons for these groups attaining such tattoos, he realized the importance of those tattoos.

Photo Found on the Smithsonian Institute Website ( LINK:

Gerald Warner Taiwan Image Collection  [Image # 0175] (LINK:

Incredible portraits of Maori women from the National Library of New Zealand.

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